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Gayleforce Publishing offers a wide range of technical, policy, proposal, grant, copy and ghost writing services as well as full suite publishing, design, project development, and digital strategy consulting. Develop your corporate narrative, get editorial support, or be developed as an author, an artist or a brand.


LegacyWon is the production arm of Gayleforce Publishing providing content, conceptual and technical support for a wide range of media outlets based on its experience with public radio, cable television, closed circuit video, websites, internet based productions, blogs and the stage.


Writing your book may be one of the greatest accomplishments of your life. Our clients come to realize that this is only the beginning. We work with authors, artists, and entrepreneurs to develop meaningful properties, maximize exposure and promote their projects to the widest audiences possible.


From conception to delivery, there is a natural process for breathing life into any creative endeavor. Leveraging extensive experience in academia, curriculum and instructional technologies, Gayleforce Publishing is developing a suite of digital assets to help students advance priorities in art, business and life in powerful and intentional ways.


Whether you are looking to form an effective accountability partnership or clarity on your book project, your business, or your life in general, we provide the type of inspiration, support and encouragement to ensure you get where you ultimately want to be. Invest in coaching, consulting and coursework to optimize your overall potential for success or achieve a desired outcome. Let us become your biggest fan.

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