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It has the power

to subvert obstacles and sustain momentum despite its elusive nature.

It can be harnessed

as a source of clean energy that is infinite, authentic, and free

Gayle George is a creative economist and content curator who helps people bring their uniqueness to the marketplace. As founder of Gayleforce Publishing, she leverages compelling content, thoughtful design, expert program management, strategic market analysis and custom business process solutions to amplify authoritative voices on wealth, women and wisdom of the diaspora. Projects draw from a rich legacy of triumph and inspiration most recently featured in Railroad Ties a short documentary produced by Ancestry and SundanceTV. Her essays have been recognized by the Pan African Literary Forum, shared at the Hurston Wright Writer’s Workshop, included in Waiting for Jack (Canfield) by Kristin Moeller, and selected for the Deep Beauty anthology published by Woodhall Press. Ms. George holds degrees in Economics and International Relations from Duke University and the School of International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She is a sixth generation native Washingtonian and proudly represents her family’s lineage in the Nation’s Capitol. Visit for more information.

A Ga(y)le is a force nature

as subtle as it is strong – the element of air accelerated.

It will not be tamed

or diverted on its mission to usher in a new reality

Gayleforce Publishing

brings the essence of these qualities to literary form through
authoritative voices on wealth, women, and wisdom of the diaspora.